The Fourth Fisherman By Joe Kissack

I have to say that this book took me sometime to finish reading. I feel that this book is very Inspirational it pulled me reading about the lost fishermen at  sea.  I got sort of lost when Joe Kissack started to talk about his own life. I had to stop and process where he was going with his side of the story it confused me when he went from walking the Red carpet to fishermen lost at sea. I guess he felt that his life was parallel to those fishermen and the journey that God put him through in order to tell their story. I did like this book but I also feel this book did dragged on a little bit. I would recommend this book to others who are feeling that they are lost an that need some good Inspiration as well as hope in their lives. This book I think would be great for a book club or reading group it would be good for great discussions. I would like to know more about the fishermen now that they are home  and its been several years later it would make for a second book that I would read. I hope you enjoyed my review till next time Happy Reading!

I received this book free to review at Blogging For Books


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