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The Governess of Highland Hall By Carrie Turansky

This book felt a little drawn out to me. I did like the chemistry between Julia and William you know the whole Love/Hate. I was like come on already the chemistry is there speed this up already. I also enjoyed how we were able to get to know the other charters in the novel Sarah, Mr. Dalton. Katherine, Ann. just to name a few. It was good to see just how the other half lived as well as the well off. I knew towards the end of the book what the ending would bee so it really wasn’t a huge shock; yet at the same time I did feel that the last two chapters felt rushed so much that it if like it didn’t fit the story i was just reading. I would recommend this book to others just to see what there take on this Historical Christan Romance novel. I give it a 3.5 for my overall score.

I received this Book for free to review from blogging for books