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Emma of Aurora by Jane Kirkpatrick

This review is hard for me because the size of this book. I don’t want to give away any of the great parts. So I will be giving my overall opinion of this book Emma of Aurora by Jane Kirkpatrick.

When I received this book my first thoughts were “Oh my goodness this book is HUGE”. I then realized it’s 3 books in 1. A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm and last A Mending at the Edge. To help me I placed flags to separating each book.

Emma of Aurora is an Inspiring journey into the life of Emma Wagner Giesy. We follow her from a young woman to a married woman trying to find her place in a world where men rule. In the 1800’s Women where to be seen not heard for men believed women had no place having a voice. Emma has to learn to trust not only Herself, Her Leader as well as Her Husband but most importantly the Lord.

I give this book 5 stars because I love how Jane Kirkpatrick really made me feel like I was apart of Emma’s journey. Through all the hardships and joys as well as the sorrow. I wish I could of Slapped a few of the characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone who want to Laugh, Cry and just a wonderful reading experience.

Emma of Aurora

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for my honest review.


Switched by Amanda Hocking

Ok let me just start by saying  that I enjoyed this book

It’s about a girl named Wendy who soon learns that she is not who she think she is and sadly her family isn’t either.  Wendy’s life hasn’t always been easy for her. I mean come on how would you react if your mom whom you loved as long as you remember, told you you where a monster an not her child then tried to stab you with a kitchen knife not only on but at your 6th Birthday but your party. Yeah anyone  would need some long term therapy!  Wendy couldn’t understand just why her mom could do as well as say all those horrible things to her Doctors said Wendy’s mother had a mental illness. Wendy and her older brother were placed in the care of her father’s sister Maggie. Deep down Wendy knew she was different not only because her Mother, Father and Brother all had blonde hair with bright blue eyes an she had wild frizzy brown hair with brown eyes. Wendy truly feels like she an outcast she doesn’t even fit in at school until she feels her self being drawn to this boy named Finn who seems to be following her. Later Finn ends up saving her life then reveals to her that in fact she is different and not only is her family not her true family but she is not even human but a Troll. Finn explained that she was a Trylle Changling that was switched at birth the her family’s human child. Wendy also finds out that she is also next line to become Queen. So I wonder will she stay with the family she loves or will she leave to be with the family she has never known?

I really liked the excitement and the different take on the whole Troll storyline. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2 of the Trylle series called Torn.

Look for my next Review Happy Reading!!!Switched Tyrlle Bk1


Sorry I have been gone

Hey ya’ll I’m back I know I have been gone for a min but I’m back. There has been so much going on in my life. I recently move to a New City as well as became Engaged to the love of my life!
I have been reading like crazy I just hadn’t the time to blog any of my reviews. Plus my computer decided it didn’t want to live with me anymore… I had to replace it so now I can finally get back to posting you all with honest book reviews.