The Wonder Within You By Carey Wickersham

My first thoughts on this book was “Wow” this book is Awesome every soon to be parents dream. The information inside this book is so amazing I truly learned so much from Conception to Birth.The Wonder Within You

I loved every little detail of this book/journal from the QR codes that give you a glace at what your bundle of joy looks like as well as development information for each week of pregnancy  The Mommy Moments of the book give you real thoughts from other expecting parents as well as the Prenatal Postcard where you get real stories from real families sharing there own prenatal journey with you.

Included in this great book is a Pregnancy Calendar where you can fill in your own personal information as well as thoughts through out your own prenatal journey plus it comes with Stickers to use with your calendar. This book would be great for gift for any expecting parents truly a must have or If you just want a great read on the wonders of pregnancy  and child birth then I recommend this book.

I’m so very thankful that I was able  to review this book for free from Tyndale Publishing for my honest review of this wonderful book.

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