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Faith For The Journey: Daily Meditations on Courageous Trust in God by Charles R. Swindoll


What’s inside:

Life isn’t for cowards. If life can be compared to a journey, it’s certainly a bumpy one. Family medical emergencies can send us on emotional hairpin curves. Job losses can make you feel like you’re stalling on a busy eight-lane highway. In this 30-day devotional, popular Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll inspires us to develop courageous trust in the God who’s in charge of our journey. He uses the life of Abraham to illustrate what it means to dare to trust. Just like Abraham, we may not know where God is leading us or how God will fulfill his promises to us. But we’re called to trust–and that’s not easy when we have our own hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families. Let Chuck Swindoll be your daily companion, encouraging you put your life back into God’s capable hands. Discover today the freedom of courageous trust.

Faith for the Journey: Daily Meditations on Courageous Trust in God

Who Wrote It:

Dr. Charles R. Swindoll is senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, and the Bible teacher on the internationally syndicated radio program Insight for Living. He has written more than thirty best-selling books, including STRENGTHENING YOUR GRIP, LAUGH AGAIN, THE GRACE AWAKENING, and the million-selling GREAT LIVES FROM GOD’S WORD series. Chuck and his wife, Cynthia, live in Frisco, Texas.

My Thoughts:

When I received this devotional in the mail I was so very happy that I was going to be able to review it. Honestly the name caught me come on “Faith for the Journey” I was like wow yes at this point in my life I do need faith for my own journey.  I do like the smooth feel of the brown leather along with the awesome scripture that is engraved on the back of the book;  Yes the engraved compass on the front is nice too. Once I opened  the devotional I could not put it down; the very first page about Trust had me hooked. I like how at the end of each daily meditation there was a section called Reflect where Charles Swindoll asked right to the point questions that I feel were exactly what I needed to be asked but not only that I was able to really dig deep down answer them truly. I think this would be a great read for one on one as well as can be used in a study group. I give this book an overall score of 5 it’s well written easy to follow along with great on point scripture as I spoke of before the leather bound and engraving is so beautifully done!

I received this book for free from Tyndale Publishing in return for my honest review.


365 Pocket Prayers for Mothers: Guidance and Wisdom for Each New Day

I could not wait to get my hands on this small purple smooth leather bound 365 Pocket of Prayers for Mothers to review and this is what I found.

Pocket of prayers for mothers

What’s inside:

Daily life brings worries-challenges with your children, unfinished tasks, health problems, financial difficulties, and other things that keep you from living a joy-filled life. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to pray for or even how to talk to God. Let 365 Pocket Prayers for Mothers help you connect with God by getting to the very heart of what you want to say to him.

Who Wrote It:

Amie Carlson, Karen Hodge, Erin Keeley Marshall

These women have come together to bring us such a wonderful book of prayers and guidance. Helping us all try to connect to God one prayer at a time.

My Personal Thoughts:

Overall I give this book 4 Stars there are many things that I loved about this book and I did not.

What I loved about this book is the pocket size of the book so that it fits right inside my handbag. The color and smoothness of this book is nice. I loved the fact that you can use this book as a Daily Prayer Devotional or you can simply just go to the back of the book and search the Topical Index for just the prayer you need. Also this book come with an attached ribbon to help you mark your place. What did bother me about this book was the fact that I didn’t have any space to write. I’m one of those people who like to write out my prayers and answers. I do recommend this book to anyone who just needs a little help or anyone who just wants to connect to the Lord our God.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in return for my honest review.

The fit Bottomed girls ANTI-DIET by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead

This book was everything I hoped for an so much more… Thank you so much Jennipher and Erin for share this great Anti-Diet book with all your fans.

What’s on the Inside:

Being a fit bottomed girl is more than just the size of your rear: Its about feeling physically and mentally energized everyday, no matter what is going on in your life. In this definitive guide to becoming an FBG, you will learn how to:

  • Ditch the diet drama and learn to follow your true hunger cues.
  • Create you own workouts that feel more like fun than work.

From the best way to enjoy a piece of chocolate to workouts you actually want to do. The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet is packed with tools and10-minutes fixes you need to design a healthy life you love. Everyone wants a super quick way to lose weight, but here’s the secret: The only way to get results is to love yourself and your life

Who wrote me:

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead are the founders of the popular website

Jennipher Walters is an ACE- certified personal trainer, health coach, and advance health and fitness specialist, and an AFAA certified group exercise instructor. Jennipher also holds a journalism degree as well as an MA in health journalism.

Erin Whitehead has years of workout experience and is well versed in fitness news and trends, and brings a normal-gal approach to the team. Erin holds a journalism degree from the University Kansas.

My Thoughts & Review:

Wow this book was so very easy to read as well as fun. Jennipher & Erin explained everything so clearly I was able to follow along with ease; I felt like when reading this book I was listening to one of my girls. The key points in the book that spoke to me were:

  1. 10 Informative Chapters: Ditch the Diet (and weight) Drama, Listen to your Hunger, Move your Body, Take a Balanced Approach to Everything, Focus on Positives, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Chill Out, Help a Sister Out, Laugh at Yourself, Love Yo’self, No Matter What. Come on how cool are the names of these chapters.
  2. 10 Minute Fixes: A quick 10 minute section at the end of each chapter, to help transform your life as little as in 10 minutes. Come on everyone has 10 minutes to spend on themselves.
  3. Journal Writing:  You are given a question and a Journal topic to write about at end of chapters . I love to go back through my journal writing to see all that I have written as well as my progress.
  4. The Food Journal: Yes, I said food journal this is a great way to keep track of what your eating but also to keep note of your emotions. When you get that hungry feeling or if you just want to write about food you like or want to try. You can use the hunger and fullness scale in this section also.
  5. FBG Shopping List: Simple shopping list to help you figure out your healthy choices an little reminder the less processed food is the better. Also you get great Recipes in this book to follow and try out.
  6. Hunger and Fullness Scale: Learn what your hunger is really trying to tell you on a scale from 1(Starving! Will eat anything!) to 10(Thanksgiving Day full, plus Uncomfortably and maybe painfully fill.)
  7.  Two Week FBG Plan: Suggestions for you to try for two weeks that includes simple meal plans and 10 minute fixes. This was very useful for me

Fit Bottomed Girls is an Amazing non diet book. I give this book 5 stars. This book is great to read alone or if wanting to share this book in a group. I truly enjoyed this book.

fit bottom

I’m thankful for Blogging For Books for sending this book for free. In return for my honest review of this book.